A portion of all proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society

How it all Started

When trying to find a way to keep my dad warm while in the hospital, I came up with the idea of My Hygge Jacket.  Before we knew any of the road we were going to travel that year, all I wanted to do was come up with a way to keep him warm and comfortable. Hospitals are notorious for being cold and for good reason, germs don’t like the cold! But there had to be something better and more lasting than the heated blankets that are delivered as often as you can ask for them!  The idea popped into my head while sitting at my desk at work – so I ran to the local resale shop on my way home from work.  I picked up a yummy oversized sweater. I cut up the sides, added a little bit of Velcro here and there – and voila! My Hygge Jacket was born!  It did the trick – kept Dad warm and the nurses loved it!  They could get to his IV easily, he had a pocket for whatever he needed to carry and he could wear it in bed, in the chair and walking around the hospital.  As Dad continued his struggle and had to start chemotherapy, the need was there again to stay warm.  So I decided to construct this jacket out of deliciously soft warm fleece and continued to tweak all the features that really seemed to work.   As unfortunate as it is, I have several friends also suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.  So after making jackets for them and taking their input, I’ve created what I think is something that comes as close to a hug as you can get.  

Hygge(hoo-gah) is Danish for the art of cosiness, creating warmth and enjoying the good things in life with good people - with friends and family, appreciating the big and small, what really matters in life. 

So when life sets our loved ones back, we try all we can to make them feel good and get better. 

Why not start with My Hygge Jacket?