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Visiting hospital patients is out: 5 ways to support a friend when you can’t visit in person

We’ve learned that many things aren’t possible during a pandemic, especially when it happens in a hospital. Like keeping close tabs on someone’s recovery, giving hugs or dropping off thoughtful gifts.  


Still, we want people to know we’re with them in spirit. While sneaking a super strong espresso into their rooms is out of bounds, here are some super nice ways to support a friend in the hospital:


  1. Room Service. Yep, you heard it right - room service in hospitals! Many hospitals offer this service to patients. Tasty menus are posted on the hospital’s website so you can place orders for the patient and they enjoy food that’s cooked to order. Staff will check to make sure the food is on the patient’s diet.


  1. Warm socks, even in the summer. Hospital rooms are kept cold to curb bacterial growth. Keeping your friend’s feet warm helps boost their circulation. Patients are usually given thin, one-size fits-all socks with non-skid soles. Luckily, they’re large enough to slip over another pair of socks.


  1. Visit their pet and send lots of photos and videos. Patients often have anxiety about their pet’s wellbeing while they aren’t close for comfort. Their (and their pet’s) daily routines are upended. Seeing a photo or video of their fur baby in action could be the best medicine.


  1. Buy a game app for their phone or tablet. Game apps can be gifted and sent to your friend with a link to download. Tackling a new game pushes boredom aside. Or challenge them to online games like Infinite Word Search, Wheel of Fortune and Boggle with Friends.


  1. Easy-to-reach pockets. Over-the-bed tables become cluttered quickly with food trays, get well cards and water cups. My Hygge Jacket has two large pockets on the front to keep essentials handy like a phone, eyeglasses and comb. And there is a large pouch under the pockets to keep hands warm. Plus lots of other features like sleeves that open up (no bulky rolling) so nurses can easily reach IV lines.


Being there - without being there – is possible, along with bringing love to their room through fun, comfort and convenience.


Note: Hospitals have special guidelines for deliveries during the pandemic. Many have designated areas to drop off items for patients, such as the visitor entrance, concierge and information desks. Check the hospital’s website under Visitor Guidelines for more information.