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A bed jacket for a hospital stay? 5 modern reasons why they’re not only for fifties Hollywood actresses

When I think of a bed jacket, I imagine a silky, quilted jacket lined with a fluffy chiffon collar circa Lucille Ball.

Zip to 2021 and the modern bed jacket is far more functional, especially when they are designed for hospital stays, treatments and rehabilitation, like the My Hygge Jacket.

Here’s why you need to consider a modern bed jacket before your hospital stay or surgery:

1. Hospitals are chilly places and hospital gowns are thin.

The Centers for Disease Control guidelines recommend temperatures are kept between 68°F - 73°F for surgical and work areas, and between 70°F - 75°F in patient rooms. Humidity is another factor: the recommended range is 30% - 60%, which makes the air feel cooler. My Hygge Jacket is made with medium weight fleece to keep you warm when you need it and pulls off easily overhead when you don’t.

2. Lots of tubes, cords and equipment.

You could be sharing your bed with IV lines, a call button, ice packs, monitors, pillows, blankets, sheets, books, magazines and a mobile phone. Our jacket has two large pockets and a pouch on the front for storing personal items like a mobile phone, comb, breath mints and puzzle books.

3. Adjustable bed mayhem.

When your bed goes up and down, your body doesn’t move with it. Rearranging yourself and the pillows is a constant tug-of-war. Changing positions requires Houdini-like moves and your clothing gets tangled in the fray. Our jacket has opened sides and a shorter back so when you move it doesn’t bunch up, bind or pinch.

4. They are out for blood.

Your veins are in huge demand in the hospital, where IV lines and blood draws are frequently required. The sleeves on our bed jacket are adjustable – they open wide and close with Velcro.

5. Bedpan blues.

Hospitals are focused on guarding your privacy and keeping your dignity intact. How is that possible when using a bedpan you ask? In addition to the bedpan, you might have an extra blanket draped over you for privacy and a bed pad on the mattress. Plus a long hospital gown. The bed will be moved to an upright position (more clothing and pillow adjustments needed!) and then you can do your, uh, business. Our jacket has a shorter back without side seams so it can’t get in the way.

You won’t look like a fifties Hollywood actress in our jacket but you’ll feel better when you’re comfortable and warm away from home.