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  • A bed jacket for a hospital stay? 5 modern reasons why they’re not only for fifties Hollywood actresses

    Here’s why you need to consider a modern bed jacket before your hospital stay or surgery:

    1. Hospitals are chilly places and hospital gowns are thin.

    The Centers for Disease Control guidelines recommend temperatures are kept between 68°F - 73°F for surgical and work areas, and between 70°F - 75°F in patient rooms. Humidity is another factor: the recommended range is 30% - 60%, which makes the air feel cooler. My Hygge Jacket is made with medium weight fleece to keep you warm when you need it and pulls off easily overhead when you don’t.
  • How to actually prepare for an ER visit: 14 items to pack ahead of time

    The reasons we end up in an emergency room are the same reasons we’re short on snacks, extra clothing and medications:  we didn’t expect to be here.

    Consider this: A visit may take almost four hours on average, from start to finish. And that’s if a patient isn’t admitted to the hospital, which can take many more hours.

  • Visiting hospital patients is out: 5 ways to support a friend when you can’t visit in person

    We’ve learned that many things aren’t possible during a pandemic, especially when it happens in a hospital. Like keeping close tabs on someone’s re...